Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project currently underway in Ethiopia.

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More exciting news to come...stay tuned.


Research and Exploration Drilling Services

DOSECC Exploration Services (DES) provides a range of drilling services to assist clients with scientific research, geothermal and mineral exploration projects worldwide.  We specialize in the collection of high-quality continuous core samples and can operate in both land and shallow marine-based settings.  Our experience, equipment and innovative abilities allow us to tackle projects that have unique sampling requirements in remote and challenging environments.


We honor our commitment to safety, the environment, our clients and our people. 

We appreciate you considering DES for your future drilling needs.


DES is a licensed core drilling contractor in the State of Nevada (Lic No 0070141) and a licensed water well driller in Idaho (#656). DES is registered with Browz, a third-party system for independent verification of client-specific safety compliance standards.







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